Animals and Winter

We’ve recently had some colder weather and I’ve noticed that the different species seem to take in stride the temperatures swings. I’m amazed that with the same “covering” they adapt so well.


















And the ducks amaze me, hanging out in the freezing cold water…


It seems as long as the cows and horses have enough to eat they stay warm and happy.


High “Tunnel”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “high tunnel”, this is what we call the unheated plastic covered hoop houses that many would refer to as greenhouses. Among growers, greenhouses typically have automated heating and/or cooling thus differentiating them from the more simple high tunnels. High tunnels are one of our primary tools to extend the growing season in our less than ideal climate.

During the winter months, especially during or after a snow storm the high tunnels take on a true “tunnel” form.