The Dearlings

Deer. People look at them differently, everything from Bambi to jerky. In the winter here they become a potential nuisance as they search for easy meals, usually in the form of haystacks. I’m not that concerned about loosing a little hay to the deer but they can make a mess of a haystack rather quickly and I understand alfalfa is not good for them to eat. So with a little help from my local Game & Fish folks I have installed a barrier to the hay. I used this last year and it works for the most part. I think when they get really motivated they work the fencing until it breaks or otherwise comes down. But so far this year the fence is still in place.





They’re coming out

After our long cold spell, now that it’s warmed up, the animals seem to want to get out of confinement. This occurs at our discretion, or not, in case of the goats that now can just jump over the fence due to the rising bedding height. And when goats get out, nothing is safe. They will climb on and try eating almost anything, even if it’s to their own detriment. It appears goats and humans have a shared weakness…

Goat to Go


Trunk Goat

Ice is less dense than water

A tidbit of information stuck in my head from some previous learning experience is that solid H2O is less dense than liquid H2O. This defies the normal physical properties of most substances where the solid form is more dense than its corresponding liquid form. This is not only significant in the case of water it is critical for life in these colder parts. If ice were more dense than water, the ice would sink to the bottom of the lake or stream and would not only cause flooding but would eliminate the living space and climate of all the creatures still living in the water, including fish. One of the simple but profound evidences of the creation and a Creator.

Frozen Creek

Farm Equipment out in the Cold

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough shed space to park all of our equipment under roof so some of it has to endure the elements unprotected. This isn’t good because then the water and the sun has it’s way with the unprotected metal and rubber, etc.

Seeing this photograph reminded me of a book I had when just a budding farmer, “Corny Cornpicker Finds a Home” and one of the illustrations of the equipment braving the winter weather.


I now can explain my tendency over the years to anthropomorphize equipment and other inanimate objects. I take solace in knowing I’m not the only one with this seeming psychotic behavior. Have you ever found yourself cursing at your car or vacuum or computer? Or perhaps praising it for a job well done? I thought so. And isn’t that farm equipment cute when they’re smiling…

Boneless Beef Chuck Roast

Starting today for the next week we have on sale our Boneless Beef Chuck Roast. It makes a great winter meal that you and your family will really enjoy. Plus, since its locally grown, grass fed and grass finished, it has better nutrition than feedlot beef. And you will know where this food comes from. Where did the last meat you ate come from?



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