The Dearlings

Deer. People look at them differently, everything from Bambi to jerky. In the winter here they become a potential nuisance as they search for easy meals, usually in the form of haystacks. I’m not that concerned about loosing a little hay to the deer but they can make a mess of a haystack rather quickly and I understand alfalfa is not good for them to eat. So with a little help from my local Game & Fish folks I have installed a barrier to the hay. I used this last year and it works for the most part. I think when they get really motivated they work the fencing until it breaks or otherwise comes down. But so far this year the fence is still in place.





4 thoughts on “The Dearlings”

  1. Deer. I felt somewhat clever about building a protective covering for my strawberries with 1/2 inch chicken wire, until I was awaken at 5:00 one summer morning by an oddly musical twang. Two fawns were having a fun time BOUNCING up and down on the trampoline I had so thoughtfully provided.

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