They’re coming out

After our long cold spell, now that it’s warmed up, the animals seem to want to get out of confinement. This occurs at our discretion, or not, in case of the goats that now can just jump over the fence due to the rising bedding height. And when goats get out, nothing is safe. They will climb on and try eating almost anything, even if it’s to their own detriment. It appears goats and humans have a shared weakness…

Goat to Go


Trunk Goat

3 thoughts on “They’re coming out”

  1. Yes, when I was there , the goats were coming up to say hello. It is warming a little-better than the 25 below in January !
    Hope all is well with you . See you soon
    the salt lake connection!

    1. Hi Janette,

      The goats are still getting out when they want to because they can jump over the fence. That will be remedied when I can clean out their pen later in the spring… So now I hear there’s a snowstorm coming.

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