Inspirational message on improving food in our schools

I recommend listening to all of the speakers but because of the farm to school topic pay particular attention to Ann Cooper’s address under Session 3:Empower starting at 01:05:20. She is the Food Services Director for the Boulder School District in CO. This is the kind of school personnel we need to change the kind of food offered to our kids.

Solar Greenhouse Vents

We all want a greenhouse to warm things up. I’ve learned that you can have too much of a good thing, especially warmth in a greenhouse. The greenhouse effect is powerful and it can get roasting in an unvented space in short order. So after all of the effort to build a structure to make it warm we immediately figure out ways to cool it down!

My friend and capable helper Kay Burton is on hand to lend a hand figuring these things out. He built the vent closures on the upper vents and then devised ways to open and close them.

Man on Roof


Solar Window 3


Solar Window


Solar Window 2