Planting lily bulbs for cut flowers

As with most things we grow we have to go to take extra measures to insure proper growth, especially this early. First of all we’re in an hoop house. It’s not heated other than the soil heating cable you see here.


Then we add some bone meal.

Then we add a little soil to cover the heating cables.
Then plant the bulbs, in this case lily bulbs. Water as needed and keep the temperature 55-65 for 16 weeks and then, magic. I am keeping half of the bulbs to plant in a couple of weeks to try and sequence the harvest.


2 thoughts on “Planting lily bulbs for cut flowers”

  1. Thanks for sharing that, I’m amazed at how well you have cracked the code to growing huge, beautiful lillies in this climate. Can’t wait to buy some from you at the farmer’s market!

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