Spring Field Work

Now that the sun has been shining for several days in a row the fields have dried up enough to finish the field work. After disking once I applied Mono Ammonium Phosphate as a phosphorus source and Ammonium Sulfate as a nitrogen and sulfur source (both are friendly to soil life). I wanted to also add Potassium Sulfate but my supplier couldn’t get it right now. These additions were added based on needs indicated by a soil test.

FertilizingThen I disked and the ground again to incorporate the fertilizer and further break up the grass clumps.


Working the ground for carrots

To use my 6-row seeded to seed carrots I need a rock-free and debris-free seedbed. After using the bedshaper this is what a typical bed in the field looks like.

Unraked Bed

This is much too rocky for the seeder to work so that means I need to spend some time with a rake to get the desired results which then look something like this.

Carrot Bed

Ah, that’s much better. Now I can use the seeder. However, before I do so I plan on trying to get the weed seeds to germinate so I can lightly till to kill them and then I will plant the seed.